Unfortunately, personal injury caused by negligence does happen, and often this can result in a loss of earnings and/or pension.

Inquesta is experienced in acting as an expert witness to quantify loss of profits and/or earnings in relation to personal injury, fatal accident and clinical negligence claims.

We are able to calculate the financial losses caused by the defendant’s negligence, be this a simple loss of salary, or complex loss of profits and/or pension.

We are instructed as an expert witness by the claimant or defendant’s solicitors, either on a single or joint basis, to assess the value of the loss suffered by the claimant in order to put them back into the same position that they would have been but for the accident.

Once instructed on a case, we will:

  • Review the preliminary documents
  • Provide a letter of advice setting out our initial thoughts on the value of the losses claimed and further information required
  • Subject to the requested information being provided, provide the instructing solicitor with a
    fixed-fee quote to provide an expert report quantifying the claimant’s losses

For the avoidance of doubt, we are always instructed as an expert witness with a view to giving evidence in court. We do not act as a claims management company, nor will we manage your claim.

We pride ourselves on providing an independent, impartial view. As well as being our duty to the court, we consider this provides the claimant with the best chance of receiving a figure representing their loss.

For further information, please contact Rob Miller