We have strategic relationships with a number of companies which may be able to provide finance through the following channels:

Commercial mortgages

A commercial mortgage is a loan which is secured against a property used in the business. The purpose of the loan may be to buy new premises, expand or develop your current premises, release equity from the property or simply to remortgage.

Bridging loans

If you need access to short-term funding, a bridging loan can provide funds immediately when you need it. Obtaining bridging finance is usually much quicker than traditional methods of obtaining funding and is used as a short-term measure until more suitable, traditional finance can be obtained.

Examples of when a bridging loan can be used are:

  • You are in the process of selling a property yet all the equity is tied up in it and you have seen an opportunity to buy another. A bridging loan will enable you to purchase the second property whilst selling the first. This could also be used to break the chain if you are stuck on the property ladder.
  • You have a personal tax bill of, say, £100,000 and you don’t have the cash immediately available or it is locked into a new business deal in which you are involved. A bridging loan can be obtained to pay the tax bill, and then the loan is paid off when the cash becomes available.
  • A competitor has just gone into administration and you have the opportunity to buy its assets. You require quick access to funding. A bridging loan can be taken out to quickly purchase the assets. Once the deal has completed, more suitable finance can be obtained to repay the bridging loan.

Sale and leaseback

For business only – we have links to companies which want to increase their property portfolio by buying business premises and then leasing these back to the current occupier.

The advantage of a sale and leaseback is that it can release equity from the property, which can then be used to enhance cashflow, repaying any finance that you may have in the company, such as a secured charge, overdraft facilities or unsecured loans.

Should you wish to discuss property finance for your company, chat live with us now (if we are online) or contact us.

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