Financial disputes are often at the heart of a divorce, and forensic accounting skills are regularly required.

The financial issues encountered in divorces can be rather complicated and require the services of an experienced financial expert. Examples include alleged unreported income and hidden assets.

It is not uncommon for a spouse to hide assets if they have property or money they do not want to be discovered.

Inquesta’s forensic accountants are experienced in asset tracing and, with a team of private investigators and computer forensic experts, are able to identify whether there are any hidden assets or undisclosed income.

A forensic accountant will also be required if there is a dispute over the value of a spouse’s shares in a business.

At Inquesta, we are regularly instructed, often as a single joint expert, to value the shares in a business to assist the parties in arriving at a fair settlement.

Using a forensic accountant in a divorce dispute can be costly. However, we believe that it is important to take a commercial view of the facts and provide a price which is fair and proportionate to the value of the dispute, which will help the parties to settle efficiently and effectively.

Our forensic accountants accept instructions from either party, or on a joint basis.

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