Ensuring your company is on the right track with a thorough business resilience health check.

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At Inquesta, we can offer business health check guidance and support to ensure your company/firm is running as it should be and is as safe as possible from future dangers — such as underperformance, debt, insolvency, and ultimately liquidation.

Our Business Resilience Health Check Services

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, health check reviews are the difference between proper planning for the future and putting your head in the sand and hoping for the best.


Tax Debt Solutions

  • Discover the main methods of settling your company’s tax debts. 
  • Resolve HMRC debts quickly and efficiently.

Risk Services

  • Better understand your business’s current position. 
  • Assess potential dangers and put plans in place to mitigate them. 

Business Risk Management

  • 20% of all businesses fail in year one. 65% after five years.
  • Proper risk management allows you to keep dangers to a minimum. 

Cash Flow Management

  • Learn more about how your company is performing based on ins and outs. 
  • Glean insights that can influence your future plans.

Independent Business Review

  • Get an unbiased, clear, and balanced viewpoint on how your firm is doing. 
  • Assess areas of underperformance.

Company Solvency Check

  • Determine how solvent your firm is.
  • Can you pay your bills and meet all your financial obligations for the foreseeable future? 

Stay on the Right Path With Expert Business Health Check Support 

Inquesta’s team of specialists understand better than most what can happen if you let a company spiral. This makes us ideally placed to support in identifying areas of improvement and guiding you towards a brighter tomorrow.

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Why Work With Inquesta’s Business Resilience Health Check Experts

Inquesta’s team has been operating for decades. In that time we have amassed significant experience helping company directors close their business and turn a difficult situation around. This is what positions us so perfectly to offer support to help you avoid having to take drastic measures down the line. 

We pride ourselves on our track record of supporting firms from small businesses to large enterprises — helping them overcome all manner of challenges and issues. Get in touch today and discover how we can help you.

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Is There Something Else We Can Do For You?

Our team specialises in supporting directors with a variety of issues. Ensure maximum protection for you and your business with Inquesta. Our variety of main services include:


Company Closure

Are you looking to close your business? Whether you’re solvent or not, finding the best solution for your situation is vital.

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Company Debt Recovery

Are you hoping to turn a difficult financial situation around? Find out how we can help steer you into calmer waters.

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Personal Debt Support

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, regardless of your position, find out what we can do to secure your future today.

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Sector-Based Support 

Obtain advice and support specific to your industry. From manufacturing to retail and beyond, we are here to help. 

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Browse Our Resources

Browse our variety of key resources for targeted advice on company recovery, closure, and more.

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Nationwide Advice for Company Directors 

Inquesta is passionate about supporting company directors from all corners of the United Kingdom. Do you need support dealing with debt, turning your fortunes around, or keeping things on track? If so, our varied services are perfect for you. 

One of our best abilities is our availability. Availability to support a wide array of clients, whatever their issues are. We are ideally positioned to guide and support you. 


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