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#10: Back in Business with Acier Events

On episode 10 of Back in Business, we are delighted to have Chloe Richardson from Acier Events to get her honest review on the current state of the exhibition industry, the transition to digital conferences and the future of events in the UK.

#09: Back in Business with Conservative MP Christian Wakeford

On episode 9 of Back In Business, Rob and Steven welcome Christian Wakeford, the Conservative MP for Bury South to discuss the local politicians stance on COVID restrictions, business support and the northern regeneration.

#08: Back in Business with YFM Equity Partners

On episode 8 of Back in Business, Rob Miller and Steven Wiseglass speak to friend of the show Daniel Freed from YFM Equity Partners on the current state of the UK economy, recent success stories and exclusive investor insights.

#07: Back in Business with Everymind at Work

On episode 7 of Back in Business, Rob and Steven caught up with Paul McGregor the founder of the mental health platform Everymind at Work to discuss the crucial issues of mental health in the workplace and what business owners can do to take better care of their employees during these challenging times.

For further materials and content on mindfulness at work and mental health awareness please visit

#06: Back in Business with Kevin Feddy Media

This week on Back in Business, Rob and Steven spoke with expert B2B journalist and PR specialist Kevin Feddy of Kevin Feddy Media for the full scoop on how companies have been promoting themselves effectively since lockdown.

As the previous business editor at Manchester Evening News, Kevin has a unique insight and understanding on growing business profiles and the effect of the news cycle on our key industries. If you’d like to reach Kevin to discuss how to promote your business’s story you can reach him at

#05: Back in Business with Ashley Boroda

On episode 5 of the Back in Business broadcast, Rob and Steven spoke with leading business development coach and iMA expert Ashley Boroda to discuss iMA colours, recruitment best practises and how to achieve effective communication. If you or your team would like to take an iMA test and discover what your personality types are, you can access the test for free at

#04: Back in Business with Huxley Commercial Finance

This week on the Back in Business broadcast, Rob and Steven caught up with Huxley CF’s very own Matthew Turner to discuss commercial finance, networking, the stigma around professional services and their predictions on the impact of a second wave.

#03: Back in Business with Lopian Gross Barnett & Co

In the third episode of Back in Business, Rob Miller & Steven Wiseglass interview Simon Kaye, Director at Lopian Gross Barnett & Co for an all accounting deep dive into lock down and their future predictions on business recovery.

#02: Back in Business with Normie & Co

This week on Back in Business, Rob & Steven catch up with the Director of Normie & Co Estate Agents, David Mintz to discuss the UK property market and the challenges around COVID-19.

Watch on for professional perspectives on the governments changes to stamp duty, future house prices and more…

#01: Back in Business

Meet our hosts in episode one of Inquesta’s business broadcast as we explore current topics such as the summer statement, the end of furlough and many more…