A forensic accountant’s expertise is often required in cases involving an actual or potential dispute.

Forensic accounting is based on a mixture of accountancy, auditing and investigative skills, the outcome of which is suitable for use in a court of law.

Our forensic accountant is an expert in his field with a wealth of varied experience. At Inquesta, we are experts in providing a detailed insight into the numbers.

Our forensic accounting skills are generally required to analyse, interpret, investigate and summarise extremely complex and detailed financial information.

Inquesta Forensic provides advice on a wide range of matters, including personal injury claims, commercial disputes, financial aspects of criminal proceedings and matrimonial disputes.

We are able to help you through the financial complexities whatever the dispute, and we will refine our approach depending on your requirements.

At Inquesta, our forensic accountants work on the basis that no two jobs are the same and, before any money is spent, we will conduct a preliminary review of the matter and provide you with detailed advice setting out the work we can do, whether it is worth doing and the information required to do it.

Following this, and taking into account the complexity of the matter, we will provide you with a guaranteed fixed-fee quote for each phase.

Why choose us?

At Inquesta, we believe that we should become involved in a dispute at an early stage, either to provide a robust initial calculation of loss or to provide early advice on how to defend a claim.

Our experience shows that getting an expert forensic accountant involved early on gives the client a strategic advantage, leads to a quicker resolution and gives the client a better chance of avoiding significant litigation costs.

In addition to our investigative and quantification work, our forensic accountants  will assist you in negotiations with the opposing party to help you to reach a quick settlement at the right price.

We are also experienced in providing expert forensic accounting evidence in court under

All our written words, whether a simple letter of advice or a highly-complex expert report, are written in plain, simple, English.

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