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The increasingly complicated nature of family life and business has meant that disputes surrounding financials are becoming ever-more in-depth. Cases will often consist of reams of documentation, an intricate web of transactions, and sophisticated technology.

When investigating such cases, it is extremely unlikely that legal professionals and business owners will have the time or the in-depth knowledge of accountancy required to unravel the full story. This could potentially leave important pieces of evidence undiscovered. This is where forensic accountants can help.

From defending financial crime cases and Proceeds of Crime Act confiscation orders, to resolving company and marital disputes, there is a wide range of scenarios in which forensic accounting can be called upon to assist. Using a multi-faceted approach, the involvement of forensic accountants has often proved vital in securing a positive result.

Our free guide details everything you need to know about forensic accounting, how it works, and the different scenarios practitioners can help with.

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What Will You Learn in this eBook?

  • Why work with a forensic accountant

  • How to choose the right forensic accountant

  • The processes and techniques involved

  • Areas of expertise

  • How Inquesta can help with forensic accounting cases

About the Author


Rob Miller

Director – Forensic Accounting

A co-founder of Inquesta, Rob Miller is a chartered accountant, a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), and a Practising Member of The Academy of Experts.

With decades of experience in providing specialist forensic accounting services, Rob has been instructed to assist with numerous cases — such as financial investigations, criminal defence and confiscation proceedings, commercial and contractual disputes, valuation matters, and much more besides. He has acted on behalf of claimants, defendants, and as a single joint expert.

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