Our Insolvency Sectors Support service offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in distress. 

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Industry Tailored Support For a Variety of Businesses 

No two businesses, and no two industries are alike. If your company is facing financial difficulties, it’s more important than ever that you seek out expert advice with experience dealing with similar scenarios in your sector. When it comes to the future of your firm, a cookie-cutter approach just won’t do.

Our Insolvency Sectors Support Services

Some sectors are inherently more at risk of insolvency than others, requiring a nuanced approach to navigate financial distress successfully. With our team’s sector-specific expertise, we can empower businesses to emerge stronger from financial distress.



  • Whether you’re a contractor or a developer, if you operate in the field of construction we can help. We understand the complexities and risks associated within the industry. 

Trade & Retail Insolvency

  • A fast-paced, high-pressure industry, if you’re a retailer, we can help you better manage debts, overcome inventory issues, and tackle any number of financial challenges.

Manufacturing Bankruptcies & Insolvency

  • Our background supporting firms in the industry makes us perfectly placed to assist you in overcoming financial challenges caused by supply-chain issues, environmental factors, etc.

Food Services & Restaurants

  • An industry under immense pressure, we’re highly experienced in helping businesses in the food services industry overcome insolvency and financial distress.

Get Targeted Business Insolvency Support Specific to Your Industry

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the complexities involved in high-risk insolvency sectors, our team of experts is committed to providing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of business of all shapes and sizes.

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Why Work With Inquesta’s Insolvency Specialists

At Inquesta, our team boasts decades of collective experience helping directors dealing with fears regarding insolvency. Sectors such as retail and construction can be affected by factors outside of the directors hands, making it vital that you have an expert on hand to help turn a tough situation around, or ensure you are protected should the situation go downhill. 

Our results-oriented approach, leveraging our industry-specific expertise, allows us to navigate complex and stressful situations with precision. Emerge from financial distress with renewed confidence and stability with Inquesta.

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Browse our Varied Services 

Our range of services cover a broad spectrum of issues. Ensure total protection and security for you and your business with Inquesta. Our primary services are:


Company Closure

Are you looking to close your business? Whether you’re solvent or not, finding the best solution for your situation is vital.

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Company Debt Recovery

Are you hoping to turn a difficult financial situation around? Find out how we can help steer you into calmer waters.

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Personal Debt Support

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, regardless of your position, find out what we can do to secure your future today.

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Business Health Check

Looking to get ahead of things and keep yourself in the clear? Check out our corporate planning services. 

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View Our Resources

Browse our varied selection of useful resources, each providing unique and targeted advice on issues such as company recovery, closure, and more.

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Nationwide Advice for Company Directors 

Inquesta regularly supports company directors based in all corners of the United Kingdom. If you need insolvency sectors specific support — dealing with your firm’s debt, turning your fortunes around, or keeping everything on the ‘straight and narrow’ — get in touch today. 

We pride ourselves on our readiness and our availability — no matter what your issue or where you’re based, we are here to help.


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