If you or one of your clients suspects a fraud within your organisation, you should call us as soon as possible.

With current government austerity measures and a double dip recession, the existence of fraud has increased significantly over the past year and can be a major cause of business failure.

Historically, fraud losses could have been hidden by strong profits, however in the current economic climate every penny counts and we are seeing an increase in businesses identifying some sort of theft.

Furthermore, many businesses do not have the correct procedures in place to avoid fraud, providing an opportunity for the potential fraudster, which together with a need for extra cash can result in a disastrous scenario for all parties.

If called upon we will react immediately to ensure that the evidence is secure and that the appropriate procedures are followed so that it is acceptable in a Court of Law.

Our work normally involves a detailed analysis of the processes and data to identify if a fraud has occurred, and if so, what the loss to the organisation is.

We have a strategic relationship with an investigation company which can perform surveillance, IT forensics and person tracing, amongst other things.

For more information, please contact Rob Miller.