According to recent news reports, and from speaking to some of my clients, it seems the rate of divorce enquiries since lockdown has increased exponentially.

The Daily Telegraph reported a 42% increase in enquiries to one firm.

It appears that the pressures caused by lockdown have proved too much for many relationships, be they financial, mental or just generally spending too much time together.

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At Inquesta, we are regularly instructed on divorce matters, particularly where a business is involved.

We are often instructed to value the shares in the business, consider its liquidity and look at the tax consequences of extracting money from it.

We are engaged as an expert for either side, a single joint expert or as a shadow expert.

It is particularly important to have a shadow expert if a single joint expert has been appointed, as we are able to challenge the expert’s approach and methodology and raise pertinent questions which will assist our client.

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