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The Coronavirus pandemic and associated lockdowns have caused serious problems for UK businesses in all areas of industry. Many firms took advantage of the Job Retention Scheme (more commonly known as furlough) as a way to ease the pressure and keep themselves going through these times of great uncertainty.

Now that the scheme has come to an end, business owners will have to soldier on without this vital government lifeline — something that could lead to serious financial issues.

Our free guide details the various options available to business owners to help them lighten the load. Not only that, but it also explains how to take stock of a firm’s current position and how company directors should plan for the future.

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What Will You Learn in this eBook?

  • How to take stock of your firm’s current situation
  • How to plan for the future

  • Your available options without having to resort to redundancies

  • The redundancy process if you have exhausted all other possibilities

  • How to bring furlough to an end


About the Authors


Steven Wiseglass

Director – Insolvency Practitioner

Steven is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner with over a decade of experience in practice and a co-founder of Inquesta.


Rob Miller

Director – Forensic Accounting

Rob is a co-founder of Inquesta and has over 10 years experience in forensic accounting. Rob has been instructed on numerous cases including fraud and other investigations, criminal defence and confiscation proceedings.

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