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If your business is in distress, a clear understanding of your options is essential to securing a positive outcome for you and your company.

Our free guide takes you through the liquidation process while answering key questions, including which warning signs you should look out for, how you can try to save your company, what the impact of liquidation is on you and other stakeholders, and much more.

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What Will You Learn in this eBook?

  • Warning Signs
    How can you tell if your business is in distress and what should you do?

  • Insolvency Options
    Which types of insolvency options are available and which one suits you?
  • How to Liquidate a Company
    What does the liquidation process look like and what should you be aware of?
  • Life after Liquidation
    How does liquidation impact your professional life and can you start another company?

About the Authors


Steven Wiseglass

Director – Insolvency Practitioner

Steven is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner with over a decade of experience in practice and a co-founder of Inquesta.


Rob Miller

Director – Forensic Accounting

Rob is a co-founder of Inquesta and has over 10 years experience in forensic accounting. Rob has been instructed on numerous cases including fraud and other investigations, criminal defence and confiscation proceedings,

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